From our project experience:
$ 18,000,000
Annual saving delivered to a European industrial product manufacturer
$ 1,500
Typical cost of 1h downtime of a medium size industrial printing machine
40 %
Average OEE spread between identical machines in the same organization
$ 25,000
Average cost of an Early Value Assessment, showing value of your data


Cognitive Solutions and Innovation is dedicated to advancing the state of the art in data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Founded in early 2017 and located in downtown Zurich, Switzerland, our staff comprise more than 100 years of experience in analyzing industrial machine data. We are proud to have some of the biggest names in the machine building world as our clients.

Our History

Cognitive Solutions & Innovation AG was founded in early 2017 by seasoned industry executives with the vision to bring to market “Data Science as a Service”: To our clients, we deliver customs-developed analytics solutions together with all IP for their unlimited and exclusive use.

Our team comprises experienced scientists with doctorate degrees from some of the world’s top universities and years of experience in real-world applications of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science. We are also pleased to work with current graduates with fresh insights into the latest developments.

Our Achievements

We have developed and brought to the market analytics solutions that deliver value to our clients every day. Some examples are:

  • A large Swiss industrial conglomerate uses a custom-developed analytics method developed by our team to provide deep insight into their procurement operations, ensuring the process operates efficiently
  • A large US-based printing company uses a custom-developed predictive maintenance method to predict the impending faults of a key printing machine component, thus avoiding downtime and wastage

Our Vision

Our vision is to help humans make better decisions when working with large sets of data from a variety of sources, by applying mathematics, statistics, and computer science (collectively often called data science), with psychology and knowledge management, to large collections of data sets, such as those generated by the Internet of Things or Industry 4.0.

The results are vast improvements in process and machine efficiency, improved knowledge sharing, and avoidance of cognitive overload.

Our Partners

Watch our 2 minute video on how Cognitive Solutions is changing the world of data science.

Our team

Urs Herzog
Senior Industry Consultant
Jan Smit
Head of Sales
Carl Binding
Senior Data Consultant
Severin Pang
Data Scientist
Data Scientist
Nicholas Dykeman
Data Scientist